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Dear Fellow Australians,

The Prime Minister has allotted a site in Anzac Parade Canberra to the National Boer War Memorial Association for the funding, design and construction of a Memorial to their predecessors, the Mounted Soldiers who left Australia between 1899 and 1902 to fight in South Africa. Some were from the Australian colonies and some from the new Commonwealth of Australia. 

Why is it that the other major wars Australians have fought in, are commemorated in Anzac Parade Canberra but not the Boer War? Australia lost more soldiers in the Boer War than in Vietnam. That makes it our third most devastating war after WW1 and WW11.

Why has it taken all this time for Australia to formally recognise their sacrifice? Well you, as Australians now have the opportunity to help right this wrong.

The RAACA NSW branch has been delegated to take on this challenge, but it will fail without your help. We need the assistance of volunteers to join the Boer War Memorial (BWM) Committees, now being set up in all the States and Territories. Please ring the office on (02) 8335 5309 if you can help and/or if you have any ideas which you think may assist in our endeavours.

Also, we need to raise funds! Experience is that we will receive no money from the Government unless we can show that there is enough support in the wider community for this Memorial.

As an Australian, you are requested to consider making a personal donation to the BWM, not just once, but every year for the 3 years we have been given to complete the job. Further, each member is requested to become a fund raiser by asking family, friends and all contacts, to consider making similar donations.

Donations to the National Boer War Memorial Association Inc in excess of $2 are Tax Exempt within Australia.

Donations may be made by cheque or money order to the BWM at Building 96 Victoria Barracks Paddington NSW 2021 with THIS FORM or using your credit card, or PayPal account using the secure PayPal button below, or transfer funds direct to our Bank Account, by following the instructions below. See Below.

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Please do your personal best to make this long overdue challenge a success and thus honour our Boer War soldier predecessors in a way that all future generations of Australians will appreciate.

John Haynes
Chairman BWM Committee

  Donate Direct to our Bank Account

To donate via the web, you can transfer funds dierctly into the National Boer War Association Inc Bank Account.

To do this please take the following steps:

1. Fill out and submit the form below.

2. Using the unique identifier generated, transfer the nominated funds to:  BSB 803205 AC 2035 8376 (Defence Bank, first three letters of account name NAT)

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*If applicable.

You will now be taken to a page where you will be advised of your unique identifier note this for your transfer; when you use the submit button on that page, you will be sent an interim receipt.  The official receipt will be posted to you when the bank transfer has been successful.


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